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1708 Head Select Hard Drive Read/Write Head Crashed Error

When a good configured computer unable to access its saved data that is store into the hard drive. The problem behind into this may be occur due to hard drive failure. The hard drive is known as primary storage media of a computer system. The hard drive uses a number of moving components which are controlled by power that is inputted by the electronic circuit unit of the hard drive. Among the number of causes may behind to the causes of inaccessibility of the data such as read/write head crashed error. In such situation if you don't have proper backup of your important data. You should use data recovery solution.

After Head crashed the existing all critical data on disk platters because the platter surface may get scratched due to head crash. In such type situation you may get error like “1708 Head select Error” in Mac, you may also get this error during the input or output operations. This error indicates the problems into the read/write of the hard drives.

The read/write head drives uses critical mechanical components to read data from the hard disk platters. When the hard disk platter start to rotate, the head sense which made from the magnetic material that works at minor height from the hard drive platter surface.

The main reasons of head crashes:
  • Damages into the actuator arm were the read/write head is placed.
  • Dust particles entered between head and platter
  • Manufacturing defect
  • Excessive heat inside the drive
  • Power outages
  • Physical damages into the hard drives

In case of hard drive crash error occur and you want to save your important from your Mac computers you should Mac data recovery solution which enables you to save your data. Third party data recovery solution uses advanced algorithm uses advanced algorithm and understand the structure of the platter of the hard drives that helps you in data recovery procedure.

System Requirement

Processor :Intel Pentium Class
Operating System : MAC OS X10.6, Snow Leopard and above
Memory : At least 50 MB of free disk space
Hard Disk : At least 250 MB RAM

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